Multilingual Ed Tech
Ana Bishop
Specializes in the integration of technology into the K-12 bilingual and ESL curriculum.  She is the former unit manager for  professional development for the Office of Instructional Technology of the New York City Department of Education.  She has also been the marketing director for online PD for Scholastic Inc., as well as communications manager for IBM educational products.  She brings her experience as a teacher and as an editor at McGraw-Hill Publications Co. as well as an adjunct professor at Bank Street College, Instructor at Michigan State University, and presenter at TESOL, NABE and ISTE's annual National Educational Computing Conference.   Ana is the former chairperson for technology for NABE.  She is the author of two of the chapters in TESOL's textbook on Computer Aided Language Learning.  Ana was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico and attended college at Michigan State University, where she received her undergraduate and master's degrees.  She speaks, read, writes Spanish and English as a native and is also proficient in French, Italian and Portuguese.
Some of our consultants:
Beatrice Palls
Former director of foreign languages and ESL for the Pasco County public schools in Florida.  She is an accomplished and sought after trainer, with years of experience in training teachers and administrators on the US regulations and strategies for teaching ESL and other languages.  Beatrice's background is Portuguese and Spanish, though she was born and raised in the US.  Her husband is Greek, so she also speaks a smattering of that language.  She has a master's degree in education.

Nancy Villarreal de Adler
Focuses on bilingual and ESL special education professional development and project management for district-wide implementations.  She is the former director of Bilingual Special Education for New York City Department of Education and director of Bilingual/Multicultural Institute, as well as a respected author.  She has been the president of the New York State Association for Bilingual Education, one of the oldest established organizations in the US supporting bilingual education for all.  Nancy was born and raised in Lima, Peru, and studied at Syracuse University, where she obtained her undergraduate and Master's degrees. She is bilingual and bi-literate in Spanish and English.
Multilingual Ed Tech