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Questions & Answers
1. What is bilingual education?
A. Outside the US, it is assumed that, if given the option, all students should speak more than one language.  In the US, it depends on the school district and the State as to whether more than one language is taught and how a bilingual is implemented, as well as which languages are offeredd.  Bilingual Ed can range from maintaining the native language while learning the second (ESL) up to providing parallel education in all content areas in both languages.

2. What is ESL?
A.  English as a Second Language.  Teaching of English can range from providing some support in the native language of students (sheltered) to an English-only immersion policy. 

3.  Who are ELLs?  ELL is a term that has become popular for English language learners in the US.  US Dept. of Education and federal documents often refer to this group of students as LEP (limited-English proficient), while some states call them ESOL, and most universities in the US and abroad refer to TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages.)
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